Podcaster and Author Jon Waterlow has appeared on many podcasts such as Our Fake History, The Road To Now, Psychedelics Today and The Metaprogramming Podcast.

Psychedelics Today


My Voices in the Dark co-host, Andrea, and I appeared on the Psychedelics Today podcast to talk about the new possibilities for using MDMA and LSD to treat social anxiety in adults with Autism. Andrea shares his own personal journey, and we also discuss the growing resurgence – a ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’ – underway in leading research labs around the world.

Here’s the show notes from Joe Moore and Kyle Buller, the hosts of Psychedelics Today:

  • Jon’s first psychedelic experience shifted his academic career path and helped him to deal with depression.

  • Dre first tried MDMA as a first step and it unlocked emotional empathy.

  • Sensory overload is a lot of autism according to Dre.

  • Jon’s experiences with MDMA made him feel like himself without the fear and the worry.

  • MDMA and LSD at the same time didn’t feel as emotional when combined to Jon.

  • 125 micrograms per drop of liquid LSD, and not going above 250 micrograms is recommended.

  • Democratising psychedelic therapy is where Joe would like to see the industry go.

  • Jon is against the fetishizing of any particular concept of belief system in its totality.

  • Jon is excited that he is starting to see more types of research on LSD/MDMA and autism.

  • Dre’s experiences have shifted his autism by feeling that he has a foot in both worlds to know how living without it feels in his mind.

Jonathan Waterlow