Jon Waterlow provides services in Audio Editing, Writing, Proofreading, copy editing and line editing. He has previously done work for The Times Literary Supplement, Past & Present, High Existence, Tiny Buddha and Misfit Press.


My Services:

Drawing on my extensive professional experience, I offer these freelance services for a select number of clients:

  • Proofreading, Copy- and Line-Editing

    • I specialise in helping writers express themselves more clearly and structure their work to achieve greatest resonance with their audience, while always retaining their authentic voice and style.

    • I have over a decade's worth of experience in proofreading, editing and providing expert feedback on a wide range of publications – from award-winning academic books to professional application letters, from student essays to blog posts on hugely popular websites.

  • Audio Editing

    • Need help making your podcast or interview audio sound amazing? I can clean up background noise, enhance vocals, slot in your intro/outro, and carefully edit interviews down to the best bits.

If you’d like to work with me or to ask a question about specific project ideas, just drop me an email:

I’ve previously worked with:

  • The Times Literary Supplement

  • Past & Present

  • HighExistence

  • Tiny Buddha

  • Misfit Press