Voices in the Dark

Jon Waterlow is one half of the duo from Voices In The Dark, a podcast that brings you conversations and interviews about life, philosophy, psychology, psychedelics, spirituality, social dynamics and more.


It's a confusing world out there – the cultural scripts we've been taught in school rarely seem to get us anywhere, and we're surrounded by dumbed-down click-bait headlines and cults of celebrity. Trying to have a genuine, quality conversation about life and how to live it the best we can often seems like a sure-fire way to be kicked out of social circles.

We want to change that by having raw, honest and meaningful conversations about psychology, self-development, social dynamics, sex and relationships, spirituality, psychedelics and more.

But not in some uptight, overly academic way. We like to play with ideas and share the game with you. Hence our motto: Be Silly, Be Kind, Be Weird.

Over the course of over 150 episodes and a quarter of a million downloads, we’ve interviewed experts in the fields of psychology, relationships, philosophy, psychedelics, and more. We also dig into the most fascinating books and ideas on our radar, including Robert Greene’s incredible The 48 Laws of Power, the works of the great Stoic philosopher Seneca, and Napoleon Hill’s bestselling (but extremely weird) self-help book, Think and Grow Rich.

Our goal is to have no-BS conversations which celebrate knowledge and push us all to become better version of ourselves. And you’re invited. Check us out at the link below!